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Back in 2021, we embarked on our Etsy POD adventure, learning the ropes on our own. It was a journey filled with hard work and dedication, but it led us to create this platform. We wanted to make it easier for folks like you to start your e-commerce business without all the usual headaches.


One of our students, Rihards, has achieved remarkable success with his Etsy store, consistently averaging 250-300 monthly sales. He skillfully established the shop in just two days, and it has now evolved into his full-time and enjoyable occupation.


Meet Agita, one of our determined students who initially faced challenges while setting up her store. However, her journey took a significant turn when she invested in our “Done with Help” package, which drastically accelerated her learning curve. In a mere week’s time Agita achieved her first successful sale.


Allow us to introduce Laura, a talented student who accomplished an impressive feat in the world of e-commerce. Laura diligently crafted her online store in just three short days, and her efforts bore fruit when she secured her first sale within a mere week.

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