Automate your Print-On-demand business with AI and tech.

Listing automation systems built on a foundation from more than 4 years of Etsy print on demand experience.

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Why most Etsy print-on-demand businesses fail?

  • It’s very time consuming.
  • You need to post a lot of listings to land only a few.
  • Every listing has to have master SEO to break the competition.
  • Finding profitable POD Manfucaturers to compete with the market seems impossible.
  • You need to design and create your own product images and designs which is harder than it looks.
  • Its impossible to do any of this without paying 100€ + / MO for external tools.
  • Thats not everything, at the end you just want to give up…

"What if you could do only the fun part?"

TemplateCast Tools

Auto-completes unnecessary time-consuming tasks. Based on Print-On-Demand Experts so you can become one as well.

Total time spent on 100 listings:  5 hours

Outcome: time saved, focus on growth

Traditional Print-On-Demand

Unnecessary manual work, hard to do

Total time spent on 100 listings:  200 hours

Outcome: manual work / give up

We risked it all!

  • We started as 18-year-old students with a dream to start our own e-commerce business.
  • We heard that print-on-demand exists and gave it a try.
  • It was a huge guessing game…
  • We saw others succeeding so we spent a lot of time researching everything.
  • It took countless hours of manual work, which limited us to do the most important part – trends.
  • But we did it anyway and reached 5000+ sales over 4 years time.
  • “Our goal is to help others achieve their e-commerce goals, without spending countless hours on non-important tasks”

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Student Results

Some of our student reviews. Still learning as we always have new things coming out. Take some motivation from them. If they can do it, you can as well.


I created the store in approximately 3 days. The first purchase was made after a week.

316+ Sales


At first, I tried to create the store myself, but the purchases weren’t coming, and I didn’t quite understand what exactly needed to be done. That’s why I joined TemplateCast, and finally, I started getting regular daily purchases in my store.

464+ Sales


I was surprised at how genuinely interesting it is to create your own designs, to realize ideas, and to build such a store. I did it purely for my own pleasure and was shocked that people actually buy and write positive things, expressing compliments.

60+ Sales

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