Automate your e-commerce business with AI and tech.

Say goodbye to those long listing sessions! With a simple click of a button, you can create quality listings in under 3 minutes.

Make your life easier and your listings better – it’s that quick and easy!

Your Personal Etsy Revolution

Ready to revolutionize your Etsy game and boost your side income?

Say goodbye to the painstaking hours spent creating listings – it’s time to thrive. Book a free call to see how in a few clicks you can create a listing worth 2 hours of work.

Passion To Profit 101

Maybe you’re a talented designer yearning to turn your passion into profit? 

Or possibly, you’re an e-commerce enthusiast seeking to supercharge your online business? 

Even if you’re someone with zero e-commerce experience but interested in AI and tools to make your life easier, join our course.

Etsy Earning Made Easy

We help young and ambitious people to get side income without spending a lot of time creating listings on Etsy by our easy and fast course.

Book a free consultation to learn more.

Why should you choose TemplateCast?

It’s simple really. 

Income. With just a little effort, your monthly earnings can range from a solid 200€ to a rewarding 1000€ or more.

Time. In just three minutes, you can effortlessly create new listings, saving you from the traditional Print-On-Demand.

Knowledge. Our platform hosts a diverse range of knowledge-rich courses covering multiple e-commerce topics accessible to all paid users.

TemplateCast Tools

Auto-completes unnecessary time-consuming tasks. Based on Print-On-Demand Experts so you can become one as well.

Total time spent on 100 listings:  5 hours Outcome: time saved, focus on growth

Traditional Print-On-Demand

Unnecessary manual work, hard to do
Total time spent on 100 listings:  200 hours Outcome: manual work / give up

What are you still waiting for?

If you’re still uncertain if this is the right fit for you, no need to fret – we’ve got you covered! Simply schedule a meeting, and we’ll guide you through everything step by step.

Our Pricing

Choose the pricing that suits your needs best! Our cost-effective option grants access to valuable video materials for self-guided setup, while our premium package covers every detail, ensuring a hassle-free shop launch.

Your success, your way!

Done With Help

one time fee


Great for total beginners with no experience.

— Full step-by-step courses

— Weekly personal meeting

— Personal sales strategy assistance 

— Bonus templates

— Personal assistance with stores for 1 year

— Community

— Life Time Access

7 day refund guarantee
Done For You

one time fee


Perfect for people who do not want to build website but just want to sell.

— Full step-by-step courses

— Custom stores built for you

— Weekly personal meetings

— Personal strategy assistance  

— Bonus templates

— Shop managing yearly

— Community

— Life Time Access

30 day refund guarantee

What our customers say

Rihards Bobkovs
Rihards Bobkovs
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Built a very successful Etsy store making me 250-300 sales / month on average. Took me only 2 days to set-up and it quickly became my full time job that I do with pleasure.
Talha Tozlu
Talha Tozlu
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If you're a seller looking to save time and effort, look no further. Creating products has become effortless, and the best part is that the quality remains outstanding. Embracing automation was the best decision for my business!
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Life changing experience!
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Purchased the “Do It Yourself” package, but struggled to make some sales. Then upgraded to “Done With Help” and they gave me a personal strategy session after which I made my first sale in a week!
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Built my shop in about 3 days, first sale in a week!

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