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Master Etsy POD with YourPrintHouse's Analytical Approach! Optimize listings in minutes, analyze performance, and achieve consistent sales. Join now for Etsy success!
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What I will learn?

  • Open and set up a successful Etsy account
  • Design captivating and optimized Etsy listings
  • Utilize YourPrintHouse's efficient product designer and Etsy listing import tools
  • Create engaging listings in 10 minutes or less with our data-driven approach
  • Achieve consistent sales on Etsy with proven strategies
  • Seamlessly handle order fulfillment through YourPrintHouse's production partners
  • Analyze the performance of your Etsy listings and make data-backed decisions
  • Gain valuable Etsy selling tips and techniques
  • Master customer support for a satisfied buyer base
  • Elevate your Etsy POD business to new heights of success!

Course Curriculum

Welcome to TemplateCast! In this video, I'll personally take you on a journey through my own experiences and successes on Etsy. With over 5000+ sales in one of my stores, I've mastered the art of Etsy and discovered the most effective approaches for Your success.

Opening Etsy account
Full guide through the entire process of setting up your Etsy sellers account, step by step.

Creating Etsy Listings
Step-By-Step guide on how to use YPH systems to automate listing creation proceses in Etsy. Some usefull information about design copyrights too.

Etsy Selling Tips
Etsy marketing, finances, statistics and tips on how to reach consistent sales and improve the performance of your shop.

Completing Etsy orders in YPH
How to send Etsy orders to print in YPH and how to correctly complete your orders in Etsy.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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18 Ratings
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4 weeks ago
Simple and efficient, thank you!
2 months ago
Loved the style of the videos and clear description!
2 months ago
First I was sceptical about the course but when I started to listen the course everything seemed so easy and understandable. It was very easy to open the shop because everything was explained to detail.
3 months ago
I liked that training was very structured and simple, easy to follow and build the shop while learning.
3 months ago
I like the course - everything is told down to the smallest detail! Now its time to do!
4 months ago
This course was amazing. Everything was well explained and shown in very little time. I liked how Kārlis in every video mentioned that being consistent, following trends and using right keywords for your listings are the key for success and I will always remember that even in my sleep. Thank you!
4 months ago
This was really amazing, thanks you!
4 months ago
It is really useful. Not only these lessons but also the ability to be lazy on writing disciptions and other things which are automated.
5 months ago
Good course, thank you!
5 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the online course on selling print-on-demand products on Etsy. The content was well-explained, saving me significant time and effort that I would have otherwise spent figuring things out on my own.
5 months ago
The course was very easy to understand, it did not tire me with unnecessary information, and at the same time it was very detailed and informative. Thank you for that! The guys are very responsive and ready to help almost at any time and in any situation. Now it's time to get down to trend research and listings!!!
6 months ago
It was very helpful and I hope that with its help I will succeed.
7 months ago
I liked the content and tips/tricks, which I would not know otherwise
7 months ago
7 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this course! What I appreciate the most is the ability to revisit the content at my own pace, allowing me to apply the lessons directly to my internet shop. The course's structure is excellent, making it easy to rewatch specific sections as needed. Additionally, the creation of a Discord community is a brilliant idea; it provides a supportive space for problem-solving and exchanging ideas. Overall, a fantastic learning experience that continues to benefit my business. Highly recommended!
7 months ago
Many things I knew, many I've refreshed in my memory and many new I have learned.
7 months ago
I enjoyed learning new stuff like this.
8 months ago
Was easy to follow and I really enjoyed it
8 months ago
The course contains all the necessary information to get you started. All the information was presented clearly, which was backed up by plenty of evidences and examples in terms of corresponding subject.
299.99 379.00

Material Includes

  • Ready To Use POD products from YourPrintHouse
  • Etsy Banner design templates
  • Etsy logo design templates
  • Etsy listing templates
  • Etsy product designer tool
  • Etsy SEO analyzer tool
  • Etsy listing import automation tool
  • Official TemplateCast e-commerce certificate made for you when you finish the course

Target Audience

  • Young people looking for fun and exciting ways to gain extra income
  • Students looking for side hustles
  • Designers looking for ways to commercialize their art
  • E-commerce sellers looking for ways to improve their results
  • People with no e-commerce experience looking to learn and start their journey

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