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Master the BRAND NEW cutting edge AI automation technology for Your Etsy POD store! Click 1 BUTTON to create fully done listings for 1000+ different products. Join now to revolutionize your e-commerce brand!
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What I will learn?

  • 1. Basic valuable facts and tips about Artificial Inteligance
  • 2. Opening a professional Etsy seller's accaunt
  • 3. Using high end POD production partners for automating your order fullfilment
  • 4. Tracking your growth and progress systematically
  • 5. Using Open AI and other AI tool integrations for automations
  • 6. Using a system that let's you click 1 BUTTON to send a fully done POD product to your Etsy store
  • 7. Practising AI promts
  • 8. Best Etsy trend research pracices
  • 9. Personalizing AI created designs
  • 10. Calculating your pricing and profit systematically

Course Curriculum

Welcome to TemplateCast! In this video, I'll personally take you on a journey through my own experiences and successes on Etsy. With over 5000+ sales in one of my stores, I've mastered the art of Etsy and discovered the most effective approaches for Your success.

AI automation setup
Full guide through the entire process of setting up your AI magic button automation systems.

Using the AI Etsy POD automation
Step-By-Step guide on how to use our AI automation systems to automate 1000+ product listings in your store.

Automating The Order Fullfilment
How the order fullfilment systems work with our AI automation production partners and how to run it on full autopilot.

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1 month ago
7 months ago
I found the insights on AI automation for e-commerce sellers to be exceptionally valuable. The course provided a dive into innovative strategies that I believe will significantly enhance my business efficiency and productivity. It's empowering to grasp the potential AI holds for e-commerce, and this knowledge is sure to shape my approach moving forward!
7 months ago
5 stars like ArArAt
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Material Includes

  • 1. Ready to use POD products from our high-end production partners
  • 2. Ready to use POD product automation templates
  • 3. AI Work Station that lets you track your growth and progress
  • 4. Etsy Profit Calculator
  • 5. High End integrated AI upgrades coming soon
  • 6. Official TemplateCast e-commerce certificate made for you when you finish the course

Target Audience

  • Young people looking for fun and exciting ways to gain extra income
  • Students looking for side hustles
  • People obsesed with AI
  • E-commerce sellers looking for ways to improve their results
  • Etsy POD sellers who just don't want to spend unnecesary time on product creation.

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