About us

TemplateCast is a tech company with a mission to help all potential AND experienced e-commerce sellers, as well as local manufacturers to develop, grow and automate their businesses.

Our vision is becoming the world’s best e-commerce support platform.



To help all potential and experienced e-commerce sellers as well as local manufacturers to develop, grow and automate their businesses.



Becoming the world’s best e-commerce support platform.

We solve three main problems for three different target audiences



Problem number one for non-experienced e-commerce sellers is time, knowledge, money, and experience needed to start a successful online business, weather it’s print on demand or something else.



Problem number two for experienced e-commerce sellers is time and money needed to create quality listings with great designs and SEO that will actually sell.



Problem number three for local manufacturers is time, knowledge, money and experience needed to successfully sell and export their production globally.

You might ask,
How do we solve these problems?

Picture this: TemplateCast, your trusty sidekick in the Etsy game, swoops in to tackle those listing woes. With our cutting-edge technology, we’ve transformed the agonizing hour-long listing process into a lightning-fast 10 minutes or less – because who’s got time to waste, right?

And hey, remember that intimidating learning curve? Well, we’ve made it vanish into thin air. Now, you’ll need close to nada in terms of knowledge and experience to work your Etsy magic.

But that’s not all! We’re not just about making your life easier. TemplateCast is the matchmaker for local manufacturers and e-commerce sellers. So, no more stress for manufacturers trying to figure out how to export their goods. We’ve got that covered, too!

Meet our wonderful TEAM!

Creators of TemplateCast

Sandis Miķelsons


Skills / Experience: e-commerce, dropshipping, start-ups, full stack development, web design

Kārlis Avots


Skills / Experience: e-commerce, coaching, start-ups, video production / editing, customer acquisition, marketing

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